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Solowheel® Xtreme - Black
Solowheel® Xtreme - Black
Solowheel® Xtreme - Black
Solowheel® Xtreme - Black
Solowheel® Xtreme - Black
Solowheel® Xtreme - Black

Solowheel® Xtreme - Black

$ 1,799.00

Currently available for direct shipment from our WA state facility!

In 2016 the Solowheel® Xtreme took the electric unicycle revolution to the next level starting right here in Washington State, and it was invented and patented by Shane Chen founder & president of Inventist Inc. It is represents one of the greatest advancements in electric personal assistive mobility devices (or EPAMDs). Solowheels fit right into existing infrastructure and are legal on Washington & California sidewalks and residential streets just like Segways: WA State House Bill 1884

Why use a Solowheel®? Easy commute. Sidewalk safe. Easy hills. Easy stow. No parking. Quick shopping. Lunch hour territory! Bring it on the bus, Uber, Car2Go, Metro Transit, light rail, and with an under 160Wh battery system, you can legally take on a jet plane! (learn more)


Why Solowheel® Xtreme? This machine takes riding to the next level allowing for more off-road riding including on the beach. Stability is increased with the wider, fatter 18" tire and the ergonomic design makes for greater comfort. Finally, there is an app to allow for monitoring battery level and speed.


The Solowheel® Xtreme goes about one hour on a charge and takes a little more than one hour and a half to charge completely using outlets found at every restaurant, cafe, library, office and home, just like a laptop computer. Plus, the Solowheel® charges as you go downhill and as you push and brake. It has a regenerative braking systemSolowheel® costs less than 5 cents to charge fully.



Wheel Diameter  18"
Rated Speed  Up to 14MPH (with latest firmware)
Motor Power 1800W
Battery Type SONY VC3
Battery Capacity 160Wh
Rated Load 250LBS
Rated Incline 30 degrees
Weight 26LBS
Mileage ~10 miles depending on conditions
Bluetooth 4.0
Battery Control System SWBMSV3
Balance System 3 gyro sensors + 3 accelerometers
Regenerative Braking Efficiency 70%
Standard Charging Time

<2 hour

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