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Why Solowheel?

Solowheel is a WA state invention!

Solowheel started the electric unicycle revolution right here in Washington State, and it was invented and patented by Shane Chen president of Inventist IncWhen you buy a Solowheel, you're supporting a local invention backed by warranty, a shop right here in Seattle where we offer full support from training, repair, and community for our growing number of riders. Our shop is here to help you throughout the life cycle of your wheel.

Safety and Quality

Solowheel's core focus is to provide an experience that is both fun AND safe. With software and battery technology tuned to keep riders within reasonably safe limits, it is possible to ride with greater confidence.


This one is a really big deal. A large part of practical Solowheel use in an urban environment involves stop and go movement. This means you must mount and dismount the wheel on a regular basis, and having a seamless and comfortable experience will make a meaningful impact in your daily life. Solowheel offers a different "fit" with each model, and we can help you determine which wheel works best for you!


Firmware is basically the brains of the machine that determines how the wheel behaves, rides, and balances. The way it's tuned to respond to rider input provides an incredibly organic ride response that provides a uniquely comfortable experience that keeps the rider from experiencing fatigue. Solowheel firmware stands out as an incredibly fluid and flight-like feeling that you can't find anywhere else. 


Think of Solowheel Seattle as your garage away from home! We provide full training, ongoing riding advice, and repairs to all of our customers. We recognize that riding an electric unicycle around the city is a relatively new concept to many people, so we want to make sure riders are prepared to be safe and courteous to everyone around them. Regular meetups give everyone a chance to share their own personal experiences and contribute to this growing community. And the only thing more fun than riding a Solowheel is riding a Solowheel with others!