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Become a Solowheel Dealer Reseller

We are looking for qualified resellers.

What does it mean to be qualified?

You will need to be a Solowheel rider yourself. You, or one of your staff, will have to get certified as a Solowheel Trainer, and if you are out of the USA, you will have to have at least one member of staff trained in Solowheel repair.

Why Solowheel? 

Yes, we know about all the knock-offs. Some are starting to look pretty good. However, nothing matches the quality and integrity that you get with the Solowheel brand. If you want the finest and the first in innovation, there is no superior to Solowheel. Let us show you why.

Do you have the market?

Who buys Solowheels? Firstly, people who want the highest quality and safest machines in the world. People who want great customer service and who want to be part of an authentic branch of an entirely new form of human transport. People who can afford both.

How can I learn more?

Call us: 206-552-9144 or write: