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Become a Certified Solowheel Courier

Become an Official Certified Solowheel Courier

Seattle is exploding with more and more delivery options for customers. 

We have been experimenting trying to find out if Solowheel can help both speed up the delivery process, get more cars off the road and still be safer and easier than a bike. Solowheel works and makes your job safer and easier.

Certified Solowheel Couriers have a chance to be part of a special low cost entry level Solowheel rental program. Can you imagine paying just $50 a month to have unlimited access to a Solowheel along with free maintenance? One year commitment required. Billed monthly.

Post Mates & Car2Go


Combine your Solowheel with a Car2Go in Seattle, and no delivery is impossible for you.

Make a commitment to reducing the carbon footprint, get cars and bikes off the road and help show the game-changing awesomeness of Solowheel in practical action.

Courier Conduct Code

Certified Solowheel Couriers are committed to safe and courteous riding.  Certified Solowheel Couriers wear helmets and gloves and do all they can to promote a thoughtful and professional Solowheel Delivery Culture

We are looking for "Be the change you want to see in the world" people.

How to get started?

If you are interested in being a Certified Solowheel Courier you should already have a delivery position with an established courier or food delivery service. You must get an ok from your company that the use of Solowheel will be acceptable. Sign up below.