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Become an Official Certified Solowheel Seattle Trainer

Become an Official Certified Solowheel Seattle Trainer

Many people are seeking qualified Solowheel trainers to help them learn how to master the wheel. Solowheel Seattle’s policy is to sell wheels to trained riders. By requiring a professionally supervised one hour training session for each new rider, we guarantee the greatest chance of a successful and safe riding experience.

What will I learn?

  1. How to professional meet and greet new riders.
  2. How to schedule appointments and garner positive feedback.
  3. How to help new riders self-evaluate their own potential for success.
  4. Basic Solowheel safety requirements.
  5. Basic Solowheel mechanics and maintenance.
  6. Step-by-step new rider training methodology.

Upon successful completion of the 6 hour training program, you will take the certification test. Upon passing the test, you will be awarded the Solowheel Seattle Level 1 Trainers Certificate which will allow you to be listed on our upcoming Official Solowheel Seattle Trainers page and allow you to become a Solowheel Seattle Sales Associate.

Requirements for enrollment

  1. Minimum 60 hours riding experience = approximately 2 months of daily use.
  2. Ownership of Solowheel either through lease or purchase.
  3. Able to pass an Intermediate level Solowheel riding proficiency test.
  4. Proof of medical insurance.
  5. 18 years old or older.

Total Cost including certificate: $595 (scholarships and financing available)

Call us for more details: 206-552-9144