(NEW) Solowheel Scorpion Limited Edition

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The Scorpion features a case design that includes a convertible carrying/walking handle that also doubles as a “kickstand”. Unfold the handle to walk while pushing the wheel. It’s perfect for when you enter an area where you can’t ride, or if your battery is drained. Walking continuously with the wheel on level ground will charge the battery, even with the power off! Leave the handle folded down to carry the Scorpion or to use the kickstand feature.

The new design also includes a headlight to illuminate the road ahead of you, and Bluetooth for connecting to our Solowheel app.

  • 16" wheel
  • 1,500 Watt motor 
  • 160Wh Lithium Ion battery (as large as possible to still check on domestic flights)
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • 3-in-1 carrying handle, walking handle and kickstand
  • Range of up to 12 miles. (varies based on rider weight, ambient temperature, speed, incline)
  • Front headlight with on/off switch
  • Rear visibility lights