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I've been riding the Solowheel daily since November 2012. It has become my main personal transporter here in Seattle. Being part of the first group of Solowheel enthusiasts, I have been playing a role in inventing the Solowheel's use. So if you ask me if I am the inventor of Solowheel, I 'd say no, I am not, Shane Chen of Inventist, Inc. here in Washington state is the inventor of the machine. When I say I am inventing its use, I mean that I am finding new ways to ride and use the wheel and through self-experimentation learning how to extend it range, safety, fun and overall usefulness.   I have created many videos over the last 22 months....

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What are “laptop vehicles”?

I am so glad I have lived long enough to be part of the coming age of laptop vehicles.  What are “laptop vehicles”? Definition:  A laptop vehicle is a personal-portable-electric transportation device that is jetplane carry-on-able and easy and safe to drive/ride for both recreation and transportation. Laptop vehicles are human speed vehicles…they should not go faster than a running human (< 20 miles per hour) and should be able to be fully controllable at walking speeds in dense pedestrian traffic. Laptop vehicles are driven in a standup position with engaged core and active legs.  Slight lean at ankles creates forward momentum…just like the physics of human running.  Indeed, these vehicles are the first vehicles that really honor ideal human posture.  Effortless running while still “in” the body....

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