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The Solowheel Original is back...and better than ever.

The wheel that started the revolution back in 2010 has reached its zenith in the latest production model.

Solowheel Seattle was the first successful Solowheel® retail shop in the USA. We introduced 1000s to the wheel. We proved that commuting in Seattle could be fun and economical.

What's so great about the Solowheel® Original? This is a time-tested, super simple design that has proven itself with continuous use and evolution for nearly 8 years. Many other companies have either copied the original wheel or gone on to create overly complex machines. The Original keeps it simple.

The next major benefit is a robust, truly awesome, updated FIRMWARE. As so many of the other brands have focused on MORE: more flash, more power, more speed, etc., the Solowheel® Original focuses on simplicity, ease-of-use, high-quality, and ride feel.

When this Original was first introduced, it's cost was nearly $2000. As the years progressed, prices dropped while performance increased. The current iteration of the Original is by far the best version with the most up-to-date firmware and safety features. You won't be disappointed.

All Solowheel® Originals sold by Solowheel Seattle will ship directly from Inventist, Inc. headquarters in Camas, Washington. All wheels come with a full one year warranty.