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Cheaper Solowheels...what's up?

Have you noticed a slew of Solowheel-like vehicles for sale on eBay and all over the internet lately? What up with that? Buyer beware! Solowheel is owned by a USA based Washington state company called Inventist, Inc. They hold the US and International patents for the electric seatless unicycle and are actively working to stop fakes and counterfeits from entering the US market. How can fakes be cheaper? Simple. By stealing technology and using cheaper (and potentially dangerous) battery technology. A Solowheel's cost is a combination of patented, cutting-edge micro-electronic technology, top quality electric motors that can power you up Seattle's hills, and a safe, reliable, long-lasting battery system - all combined with a US warranty. Why are good batteries so important? Solowheel comes with a very special lithium-ion...

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Solowheel Video Playlist

I've been riding the Solowheel daily since November 2012. It has become my main personal transporter here in Seattle. Being part of the first group of Solowheel enthusiasts, I have been playing a role in inventing the Solowheel's use. So if you ask me if I am the inventor of Solowheel, I 'd say no, I am not, Shane Chen of Inventist, Inc. here in Washington state is the inventor of the machine. When I say I am inventing its use, I mean that I am finding new ways to ride and use the wheel and through self-experimentation learning how to extend it range, safety, fun and overall usefulness.   I have created many videos over the last 22 months....

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