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If it's not a Solowheel...'s not supposed to be in the USA. Read more to learn why.

There are only two wheels currently legally available in the USA. The Solowheel Original and the Solowheel Xtreme.

Why are there so many knock-offs available online...and often SO much cheaper? Easy. No other brand of "electric unicycle" has a legal reseller in the USA because the patent holder of the Solowheel, Shane Chen, a world famous Washington state inventor, has decided to only license his Solowheel brand for the USA.

Why just Solowheel? Because Shane wants to avoid all the inferior wheels from entering the United States. Did you see what happened with his other invention, the Hovertrax? All kinds of cheap knock-offs were made. It became a public danger when they caught on fire or stopped working. No good.

Solowheel the brand is all about quality and safety. It is about customer service and making sure no wheel is sold unless the user has learned to ride safely. It's about a long-term viable company with resellers, technicians and professionally trained sales associates and trainers...and constant innovation and improvement through customer feedback.

So, before you go and spend money on a knock-off Solowheel, consider getting the legit machine. Support the legitimate company. Solowheel is a real American company with liability insurance and customer support. Don't waste your money, get the best and safest first. You won't regret it.

Best Regards, BFT

President Solowheel Seattle