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What happens when technology is stolen?

Below is Solowheel inventor Shane Chen's open letter from April 2015

Below, link to article in May 30th Los Angeles Times Business page by

And on June 1st, fakes stopped from shipping out of China!

On June 1st Chinese customs detained a shipment of counterfeit goods being shipped out of the country by the China based company, Ninebot. Under Article 14 of IP protection law, Chinese customs has the authority to detain any goods that are infringing on a filed patent. This represents a giant step forward for US companies who are dealing with counterfeit goods being manufactured in China and then being shipped out and sold all over the world.

The shipment of goods are fraudulent copies of the Solowheel, a popular product invented and produced by the US company Inventist, Inc. CEO of Inventist and inventor of the Solowheel, Shane Chen, commented on the situation. “This represents a big change in how China handles IP theft and I am pleased to see them taking action to prevent counterfeit products from leaving the country. We have pursued legal action against several manufacturers of counterfeit products but now we have an immediate solution to the problem.”

Ninebot has a long history of producing counterfeit goods and has recently become well known by purchasing the US company, Segway. Before acquiring Segway, Ninebot was facing legal action from Segway for patent infringement. Inventist was also approached by Ninebot to discuss a partnership deal; Inventist chose not accept Ninebot’s offer and has had to pursue legal action against them for IP infringement.

Retailers looking to import and sell counterfeit products will now do so at great risk. The Chinese customs IP protection bureau has plans to prevent all counterfeit goods from leaving the country, including counterfeit Solowheels.