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Is Solowheel brand legal in the USA? Yes!

Solowheel is the official, legal brand of electric unicycle (one wheeled Segway-like) for the USA: at this time Solowheel is the the only brand that can legally operate in U.S. cities; the only one that can get liability insurance for rentals; the only one that can legally be carried on airplanes. All other brands found in the USA are illegal and potentially dangerous.

The Washingtonian inventor and patent holder, Shane Chen, seeks to offer only safe and reliable wheels to the U.S. market, slowly introducing the American public to an urban transport revolution.

Barefoot Ted McDonald is playing a leading role in evangelizing the Solowheel in Seattle and helping "invent its use". Having created the most successful US retail and training operation for Solowheel, Ted is keen on a National strategy for growing Solowheel and is seeking to lead investors directly to Shane to help Solowheel move quickly to it's next legitimate level.