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24 Hour Distance World Record on the Solowheel


Last month I went to Miami to be part of the Ultra Skate 2015 24 hour long distance skateboard event. In 2008 I set the world record for distance on a skateboard in 24 hours, 242 miles (389 km). The record is now over 280.

I was curious to see how far I could go on a Solowheel Original. I brought 4 Solowheels with me to Miami and had 3 charging at all times during my 24 hours of riding.

I learned so many things during the ride. Solowheels are built tough. They are the original and premier wheels made specifically for the USA market using the best parts and batteries. Don't waste your time on the illegal copies.

See some videos below.


12 hours in - about 125 miles.

Posted by Barefoot Ted McDonald on Thursday, February 12, 2015