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Toward Route Zero Sustainability Tour Participant

Solowheel Seattle will be at the Facebook HQ Thursday April 21st in California demonstrating the Solowheel Xtreme at the Toward Route Zero sponsored Bike Fair. 

Facebook Employees can come watch me train new riders and demo the wheel between 11-2pm.

Main goal is to educate about inventor Shane Chen and Inventist, Inc. Solowheel brand as the legal and responsible brand of electric unicycle available in the USA while at the same time demonstrating its supremacy in style, safety, innovation and performance.

We believe that the Solowheel Xtreme is the ideal, "mission critical", urban commuter vehicle. This is what we want to share first with young, tech savvy professionals in Seattle, San Francisco and Palo Alto.


The Toward Route Zero Sustainability Tour will continue throughout the next coming months. Here's the schedule:

The Facebook Bike Fair on April 21st

                        Presented during Earth Week

The Oracle Bike Fair on May 12th

                        Presented on Bike to Work Day

The LinkedIn  Microsoft  Intuit Bike Fair on June 15th 

                        Presented at the LinkedIn Campus

The Google Bike Fair on August 24th

                         Presented at the Google Main Campus