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The Solowheel Original is back...and better than ever.

The wheel that started the revolution back in 2010 has reached its zenith in the latest production model. Solowheel Seattle was the first successful Solowheel retail shop in the USA. We introduced 1000s to the Solowheel. We proved that commuting in Seattle could be fun and economical.

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The Ability To Choose Your Route & How It Changes Your View Of The City

Just talk to any Solowheel rider, and you'll hear a similar story: spontaneity, efficiency, enjoyment of your daily trips. The wheel becomes not just a tool for transportation, but exploration when you are not tied to traffic. Now Daniele Quercia has given a fascinating Ted Talk discussing the effects that changing your pathway through a city can have on your mood:

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Certified Solowheel Trainers

Many people are seeking qualified Solowheel trainers to help them learn how to master the wheel. Solowheel Seattle’s policy is to sell wheels to trained riders. By requiring an evaluation and training session for each new rider, we guarantee the greatest chance of a successful and safe riding experience.

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If it's not a Solowheel...

Why just Solowheel? Because Shane wants to avoid all the inferior wheels from entering the United States. Did you see what happened with his other invention, the Hovertrax? All kinds of cheap knock-offs were made. It became a public danger when they caught on fire or stopped working. No good.

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